Can girls feel period blood coming out?

Can girls feel period blood coming ou

Can girls feel period blood coming out :-Are you using the word girls with a particular meaning?

Generally speaking it can be assumed that a girl with have a lesser flow than a woman as the uterus grows as the girl becomes a woman and as the woman ages.

The amount of flow is on average 40ml to 60ml for the whole period which is usually 3 to 5 days. At this rate of flow it is infrequently felt, just maybe when you get up after sitting for a long time, or when you get up in the morning.

Anything over 80ml is considered heavy. There are a couple of ways of collecting data about your flow:

Period Blood Loss Chart

or using a mooncup which has little ml measurements up the side.

If you can feel you are loosing a lot of blood it is worth taking one of these charts to your Doctor. Heavy loss can be symptomatic of a problem, some of which can be treated. Also worth noting a mooncup will take much heavier flow before needing to be changed. (1 mooncup = 3 tampons)

Personally, I would be able to feel my blood flow as ‘bubbles’ of loss. This would happen if I coughed, got up from a seating position, got up in the morning.

As a teenager I used 3 tampons at a time along with a sanitary towel in order to play a hockey match.

I would dread the bubble feeling as it would mean I would need to go and change and you are not allowed to walk off a hockey pitch.

By the end of a match I would be able to feel blood at the top of my thighs and wet blood on my pants at the top edge of the sanitary towel.

I would spend holidays washing hotel sheets and towels as I couldn’t find a way of getting through a nights without soiling the bed linen and towels and I was too mortified to let the Hotel staff see what had happened.

I had read a book about Marilyn Monroe where the author asserted that Ms Monroe was a ‘filthy bitch’ or some such insult as she would frequently soil her sheets with menstrual blood.

I expect she had used as many tampons and sanitary pads as I had, but like me it just was never enough to prevent these accidents.

I used to dread waking with blood between my thighs, very unpleasant having your thighs stuck together with your own blood.

When I became a woman I avoided Hotels and chose self catering instead in order to partially alleviate my embarrassment.

I also passed frequent clots of blood; these could be the size of quails eggs up to the size of a hens egg. You definitely feel these exiting your body. Again very unpleasant.

For me it became worse after giving birth. One time I had just been to the bathroom and inserted a tampon and combined it with a clean sanitary towel but on the way downstairs.

I felt a gush sensation and I had bleed through my protection and had blood down one trouser leg as far as the knee.

That would have been less than a minute after inserting a tampon.

I am sharing this as I want readers to be able to access help earlier than I did. I had to become really ill before I received appropriate assistance. I repeatedly went to the Doctors but got a lot better response when I presented them with data. So if anything I describe rings true for you, collect the data and even take photographs of your soiled clothes.

Doctors often assume that young girls cannot have endometriosis but we know the earlier you get excision of the endometriosis the better.

So arm yourself with knowledge and data.

My flow was 420ml per period. Anything over 80ml is considered heavy.

Another thing worth mentioning: Can girls feel period blood coming out

I used to take prescribed tranexamic acid to control the flow. When I started to collect the loss data using a mooncup. it became apparent that the overall loss per period was exactly the same but the distribution over the days was evened out.

So in terms of manageability my periods did improve (I could leave the house) but in terms of preventing anaemia it was ineffective. Just thought it was worth passing on.

So in conclusion if you can feel your bloodloss it’s worth collecting the data as something might be amiss. If you are over 80ml loss it’s worth finding out what is wrong and investigating treatment.

Can girls feel period blood coming out

Life is so much better/easier/possible without heavy periods.

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