Is daily sex good for health or not? What is the ideal frequency?

What is the ideal frequency – The key with anything is moderation. Drinking 8 glasses water is healthy .. But drinking only water all day is not.

What is the ideal frequency

Don’t mix sex and health in the same statement. People in this forum are answering to their best of their abilities. So it may not applicable to you.

If you are planning to use this to push your partner , then don’t even bother.

The only good thing you should do every day is

Read a good book ,

Try and simile at least once :).

Try and empty you bowl.

Eat at least 2 type of green and one type of Fruit daily.

Change your inner wear daily and have shower.

Not having sex wont affect your health at all , but not emptying your bowl every couple of days will. So choose what’s important.

I can see there are number people that replied as if they are experts in this line , without even knowing why you ever posted this question.

I can see bullshit titles like Intercourse Specialist.

Dude (/Dudess)… move from this topic , there are tons of things in life that more important that your question.

When was the last time , you checked how many people around you have food every day , when you walk in your city , how many a week do you care to see people around you…

Use Quora for something really useful. Life is way bigger than sex.

What is the ideal frequency

Let me answer the question empirically, my Wife and I make love every morning and have done so for in excess of ten years and have been married about thirty years. For US making love every morning is the ideal frequency. It was never my idea or my goal but my Wife really enjoys what we do and so She decided to sit me down and tell me that she wanted to take control over key aspects of our sexual life and I with some trepidation agreed and when I agreed to her proposal she immediately decided that it was going to be each and every morning. I honestly was concerned at the time if I could keep up – yes in both respects, to her schedule. Of a bigger concern was would it get routine or stale. Well my concerns were misplaced. I had no problem keeping up or performing to her satisfaction and we both really look forward to this every morning. We as I mentioned have been at this for a long time and nothing has changed our minds that this frequency for us is ideal.

As to it being healthy? Well, we almost never get so much as a cold, we are trim, no grey hair or wrinkles despite being well past the age for it and I am nearing sixty and wear no glasses. My physical was superlative including my EKG. She has never gained a pound since I met her. So I would at least say that if it does not help it surely did not hurt any either.

The thing is there are many excuses but no good reasons not to partake of one another frequently.

Sex is benefecial for health of both partners. Therefore, daily is a great idea. But it also depends upon person to person. Some couple like to have sex daily, some would enjoy it 2-3 times a day and some would prefer only 2-3 times a week or even month. It all depends upon your age, hormones, stress, working conditions, mental, physical and economic conditions, etc. So there is no thumb-rule about it. In fact, just forget about it and enjoy sex.

First things first, if it’s with your legal partner, then it’s healthy. But if you are being adventurous and experimenting with various partners, then a big NO!

Apart from being good for health, involving yourself with your partner regularly in love making sessions can strengthen the bond between you both.

Also, daily sex depends on the intensity and duration that you are planning to have on a day to day basis. For example, if you are planning to have sex for the whole night and continue in the next morning, then you might continue for a week or so like that. But after that, you tend to back off a little due to various reasons. To avoid this, make your sex sessions interesting and playful. Don’t always go for grinding. Involve role play, games and sometimes just cuddling. This intensifies your passion and revs up your pleasure between both.

As far as the frequency is concerned, it depends on the individual preferences and lifestyle. A little bit of creativity can go a long way. BTW, do you know regular sex can make you more creative? Yes, it does!

Apart from good health, sex can do wonders to your overall personality. Here are some of the bizarre ways sex can make you a better person.

Read them and observe whether they are true or not in your own life. Share it with your friends as it can help others as well.

Sex is divine and let’s respect it by having it with only our legal partners!

Hope this helps!

Good Luck!

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